Parenting@Kerja Program Kajang Municipal Council with the collaboration of National Population and Family Planning Board and Taman Pelangi Semenyih Residents Association was held at 16th March 2019 (Saturday) at Seminar Room, Taman Pelangi Semenyih. The program organized by Kajang Municipal Council.

This program intended to create awareness and provide some knowledge to the parents on how important to balance the role and responsibility between work and family. This program also provides the skills/guidance on the parenting style to face the challenges in every family cycle.

There were 60 people participated including participants, speakers and committees. The activity carried out during this program are Kenali Fitrah, Satu Badan Banyak Topi, Creative/Discipline Parenting, Kebapaan & Keibuaan and Stress Management.

It is hoped that this program could create awareness on the importance of managing family & career and to avoid stress.