Integrity Unit, Kajang Municipal Council has organized Integrity Program “Negara Merdeka: Pekerja Berwibawa Tonggak Kemajuan Organisasi” on 30th August 2021 via online thru Go To Meeting” application. The program was delivered by Penolong Kanan Pesuruhjaya (PKPj) Tuan Ridzuan Bin Abd Malik, Timbalan Pengarah (Pencegahan) SPRM Negeri Selangor and attended by officers and MPKj employees.

This program is one of the agenda to strengthen the integrity in MPKj. The main focus of the MPKj management is making MPKj to be known as one of Local Authorities (LAs) for its high level of transparency and not for corruption, misappropriation and abuse of power.

The briefing also touched on the integrity amongst civil servants, latest issues with regards to corruptions, corruption offenses and punishments, recognition to the employee who log report on corruption, the existing channel to report corruption and cases which involved procurement in public sector. It is hoped that all MPKj employees could be able to understand, appreciate and avoid from corruption that contrary to integrity and attitude of civil servants.