Training Unit, Management Services Department, MPKj has organized Vehicle Log Book Management Course on 20th November 2019. The course held at Seri Cempaka Telur Mini Theater, Level 6, Kajang Municipal Council. The course attended by 34 employee who are supervise the vehicle and the drivers of department. This course delivered by the speaker Encik Razman bin Sabtu, Head of Mechanical Engineer and facilitator Encik Mohd Ramady bin Md Zainul, Assistant Mechanical Engineer from Public Works Department.

The intention of this course is to add knowledge on method how to record in the log book method correctly. This vehicle log book management could assist in terms of control mechanism to be more efficient and systematic for existence, receiving, maintenance, usage of log book. This control also including keeping the evidence and information in a record form about the activities and transactions of the organization. Among activities during the course are group discussion, Q&A session with the speaker, how to use a correct way of record and to practice the record management during the course.

It is hoped that the course could give some positive input to the driver and supervisor and helping them to increase the vehicle log book management performance at Kajang Municipal Council.