Date: 21st June 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 8am
1.    Bandar Baru Bangi Community Business Are (Market)
2.    Pekan Batu 11, Cheras (Morning Market)
3.    Pekan Semenyih

Action report:

1.    To perform first inspection at Bandar Baru Bangi Community Business center. It was organized by FAMA involving 14 traders. Based on the observation at the site, the situation is under control and SOP complied. FAMA has follows the orders in terms of encourage to wear face mask, using hand sanitizer, distancing between the traders and social distance between the visitors. There were 4 RELA members at the site to help and control the visitors. However, feedback has been given due to no SElangkah Application has been used at the site. FAMA informed that their side will provide the application and will be using it in the next event. MPKj has advised FAMA to improve on the current control measure in the next event.

2.    Next, our group visit morning market Batu 11, Cheras. The situation at the site was not control. The organizer was seen unable to control a few important items from RMCO SOP that has been set by Council. Among major offence are first there is no SElangkah application at market entrance. Second, no thorough observation on the visitor who enter and exit either pedestrian or the one who use the vehicle. Third, the traders did not present their business license. Fourth, there is no distance between traders’ tent. Fifth, there is no social distancing among the visitor who came. Mr Edward So who is Council Member was also attended this site visit. Feedback and warning have been given so that the organizer will take this seriously because during the first day event involving 60 traders were failed and the market could potentially be ordered to close. The organizer has been instructed to increase RELA member and the committee to control the situation to avoid the same thing happen in the next Tuesday. Our group also advised to follow the SOP PKPP and instruction has been set. The organizer promised that it will not be happen in the next event.

3.    Apart of that, our group also visited the site that received complaint from the organizer. The complaint was the traders of morning public market outside Semenyih Market doing their business at the public area. There were 3 traders involving 1 meat business and 2 dry business suppose not to do their business yet due to the organization of morning market outside the market building is not being approved. Advised was given that they can’t continue their business as they have yet to receive the written approval from MPKj.  The visit also involved the morning market organizers to identify their traders. The organizers informed that they will make an information session to traders and will expedite the reopening application for the morning market based on the RMCO SOP and the instructions that have been set.  

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