Integrity Unit, Kajang Municipal Council has organized Program In Conjunction With Kajang Municipal Council Integrity Day Celebration "Career, Integrity And Blessed Provisions" on 11th November 2021 virtually via application Google Meet and YouTube Live that has been delivered by Encik Ahmad Nuri Bin Muda, Assistant Superintendent of the Malaysian Anti -Corruption Commission (MACC), Selangor MACC Prevention Unit and attended by officers and employees of MPKj.

This program is one of the agenda in strengthening integrity in MPKj and effort to cultivate integrity as well as to nurture good values among MPKj employees.

The briefing also touched on integrity among civil servants, latest issues on corruption, corruption offenses and punishment, recognition to the civil servants who report on the corruption activities and the correct channel to report the corruption. In the briefing also touched on the cases which involved procurement in the government sector. The speaker shares on the formula that can lead a person to get involved in the corruption which is power and opportunity, without integrity it can lead to the corruption.

It is hoped that all MPKj employees could understand, internalized and avoid from any corruption activities that clearly against the integrity and behavior as civil servants.