The Kajang Municipal Council Sports and Welfare Club was established under the Societies Act 1966 and registered with the Selangor Registrar of Societies with the reference number: PPM/SEL: 651/81 and PPP/SEL:83/1.

The Kajang Municipal Council Sports and Welfare Club, better known as KSK MPKj is an association that was established to protect the interests and welfare of the members, especially in the areas of sports, social and recreation in addition to providing assistance to members who are financially troubled.

Numerous activities were carried out by the Sports and Welfare Club (KSK) through clubs under the auspices of the KSK and had managed to find new talents who are capable in various fields such as sports and so on. The clubs under the auspice of KSK are hereby enclosed. In addition it can also foster closer relationship between members whenever an activity is carried out.

This club also look after the welfare of the members by giving loans to the financially troubled. In addition, the club also provides financial assistance to members and families who succeed in education, death benefit, retired members and so on. Clubs under the auspice of KSK had also conducted activities involving members of the Club. In addition to holding activities for the Club members, the Club also cooperated by being involved in people-friendly programmes conducted in Kajang Municipal Council areas organised by the Council. In addition, the club gave assistance during holiday celebrations and activities organised by the Kajang Municipal Council.